Self-Confidence (EN)

You’ve probably experienced seeing those around you be in control of the situation while you are drowning in a sea of doubt. Their “secret” is self-confidence.


2021-04-20 2 min read

Self-confidence means accepting yourself for who you are and knowing your strong and weak points well enough to have a positive opinion about yourself. You set realistic goals, communicate assertively and accept constructive criticism from those around you without letting it affect your self-image.

On the other hand, having low self-esteem can make you feel inferior to those around you, having a passive and submissive attitude and a heightened sensitivity to criticism.

This is why it is necessary to give importance to this characteristic. What we need to understand is that self-confidence is not something we have innately, but something that we create. Having high or low self-esteem and self-confidence is about your perceptions rather than your actual abilities. Your perceptions are the way you think about yourself, and more often than not they do not reflect reality and can be negatively influenced by certain unpleasant experiences.

How can you develop your self-confidence?

.While there isn’t an exact list of things that are guaranteed to work, there are a few things you can do to improve your self-esteem.

Practice self-love

To truly learn how to be confident, you first have to learn how to love yourself. When you practice self-love, you are confident no matter what you face in your day to day life, as your self-confidence will come from within. 

Talk to and about yourself in a positive manner

Our words dictate our emotions, which further shape the way we perceive reality. Our lack of self-confidence is the result of the stories we tell ourselves - and the words we use to tell them. The language with which you talk to and about yourself, also known as your inner monologue, has an immense impact on your confidence. This is why it is important to adopt a positive outlook in our inner monologue and avoid self-criticism. For example, when you catch yourself thinking negatively about your body, think of an aspect that you like about yourself and are proud of, instead.  

Train your gratitude

We all know how important it is to be thankful for those who help us and are by our side as well as count our blessings. Studies have shown that practising gratitude has plenty of benefits, including strengthening the immune system, improving sleep patterns and bringing feelings of optimism, joy and satisfaction, helping us battle loneliness and isolation.

The Takeaway

Developing self-confidence and self-esteem is a process that more often than not implies ups and downs. Slowly but surely, with every upcoming challenge, we are one step closer to truly being confident in who we are. Even reading this article is a step towards becoming the person you want to be, and is proof that you try to accept and fully love yourself. 



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